Resuming face to face surgery

*Post covid Cllr surgery set-up*

Today, I resumed my face to face surgery for the first time since the pandemic began. My surgery is every second Saturday of the month at Wood Green Library at 10.30am. Hopefully, you can see the transparent partition in the picture which should give residents added comfort. Plenty of hand sanitisers are available and all the surfaces have been sanitised.

It is a worrying time for Noel Park residents and the population at large. We are supposed to resume business as usual, but infection rates are still high and a third wave is on the way this winter. Many people (especially schoolchildren) are unwell and self isolating.

Residents do not need to come to my surgery for my assistance if they are self isolating or are not comfortable going out just yet. I can be contacted on or on 07976973851.

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