What would you put in a time capsule?

A time capsule will be buried deep under the first parklet in Noel Park on Friday 17 June 2022. Future generations in 50 years’ time will dig up the time capsule and read our thoughts from today. What would you put in your time capsule? Below is what I put in my time capsule to be read by Noel Park residents in 2072.

Today is 15 June 2022. I am told that the time capsule will be opened 50 years later. It is probably the year 2072 when you are reading this. Do you have flying cars? Driverless cars must be fairly standard by now! We have got Tesla cars that have an autopilot option – you just type in the address and it drives itself. I have not actually seen one in real life yet. It does mean that taxi drivers are going to go out of a job. This does concern me. It is like when supermarkets started having self-service checkouts. A lot of people who used to work on the till were no longer required.

Amazon has now opened a shop in London where there is no checkout at all. You walk in and walk out with whatever you want and it gets charged to an app on your phone. I accept that automation is the future and robots will increasingly take more and more of the jobs that humans used to do. Why this concerns me is that people need jobs to earn money and support their families and pay their bills. As a politician, I think about how big companies are making obscene amounts of money while taking opportunities away from the little people. I believe that there needs to be government regulation forcing companies to distribute their profits evenly.

When I was little in the 1990s, supermarkets used to have someone who scanned your items and another person who packed your bags. First, they took away all the people who used to pack your bags and now they have taken away the people who used to work on the tills!

Anyway, let me finish by telling you a little bit about me. I was first elected as a Councillor of Noel Park in 2018. I was then re-elected in 2022. We have an election every four years to elect local Councillors. I don’t know how many more elections I will run in, but you can probably google my name to find out. Do you still use the ‘google’ search engine? By the way, can you check if my blog is still live? It is http://www.khaledmoyeed.blog. I post stuff there about my politics and what I have been up to as a politician.

My parents live on Morley Avenue on the Noel Park estate. I used to live with them there before I got married. I now live in Tottenham near the Seven Sisters tube station. My wife is a doctor at North Middlesex Hospital. She does general surgery. I am a solicitor specialising in dispute resolution and charity law. We have a son who is 16. He is doing his GCSEs right now. Our daughter is 11. She is going to secondary school in September 2022, which is in three months’ time. We are all going on holiday to Dubai at the end of July 2022 (next month!). This will be our first holiday in three years. We had the worst pandemic in 100 years over the last two/three years which is why we could not travel.

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