Re-election as Vice Chair of Tottenham Labour Party

On Wednesday 28 July, Tottenham Constituency Labour Party held its annual general meeting in which members re-elected me as Vice Chair (Campaigns) for the second time. I am honoured that comrades put their trust in me again for such an important role. There is a lot of work ahead in the next 12 months.

Boundary changes across the Tottenham constituency mean that the existing nine wards will change quite fundamentally. Currently, all nine wards have three Councillors each meaning that there are 27 Councillors across the constituency. This number will go up to 30 Councillors with 11 wards. Three wards will have two Councillors each. They are: St Ann’s, Seven Sisters and Hermitage and the Gardens (which is a completely new ward). The remaining eight wards will have three Councillors each.

As the Vice Chair responsible for campaigns, I will have to play an important role in ensuring that members are familiar with the new wards where they will have to campaign for the local elections in 2022. At the last local election, Labour won all 27 seats across Tottenham. If Labour wins all 30 seats across Tottenham in 2022, it will already have a majority on the Council which has 57 Councillors in total.

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