National Constitutional Committee re-election

I was elected to the National Constitutional Committee (NCC) in 2018 representing constituency Labour parties across the country. Since then, I have sat on many NCC panels either as chair or a co-panellist hearing complex disciplinary matters. This September at the annual conference, I am up for re-election to the NCC. Below is my statement for seeking re-election:

My personal journey has shaped my passion for public service. From an immigrant background, I grew up in inner city council accommodation with deprivation around me. Most young people in my school left without any GCSEs.

After graduating with a Law degree, I worked in Haringey, London as a community organiser in the early years of my career, delivering projects to improve community cohesion and reduce crime. I went onto qualify as a solicitor working at two leading international law firms, but have always remained active in my community. I was a school governor, trustee of Haringey Race and Equality Council and involved in inter-faith work. I was elected to be a Councillor in Haringey in 2018. That same year, I was elected to the NCC as a CLP representative.

I am running again for a place on the NCC because I would like to continue to be a powerful voice representing ordinary members, who are the backbone of our movement. I have always been close to party members who had elected me to serve them in various positions within the Party. I am currently vice chair (Campaigns) of Tottenham CLP. My skills as a dispute resolution lawyer have helped me in my role on the NCC. I have been an effective chair of panels and worked well with other NCC members as co-panellists.

A vote for me is a vote for experience, competence and integrity. As a Party, we need to have impeccable discipline as we prepare to be in government with Boris Johnson’s government imploding. By serving on the NCC, the Party’s highest disciplinary body, I will contribute to making our Party well-disciplined and ready to serve the people of Britain.

What would you put in a time capsule?

A time capsule will be buried deep under the first parklet in Noel Park on Friday 17 June 2022. Future generations in 50 years’ time will dig up the time capsule and read our thoughts from today. What would you put in your time capsule? Below is what I put in my time capsule to be read by Noel Park residents in 2072.

Today is 15 June 2022. I am told that the time capsule will be opened 50 years later. It is probably the year 2072 when you are reading this. Do you have flying cars? Driverless cars must be fairly standard by now! We have got Tesla cars that have an autopilot option – you just type in the address and it drives itself. I have not actually seen one in real life yet. It does mean that taxi drivers are going to go out of a job. This does concern me. It is like when supermarkets started having self-service checkouts. A lot of people who used to work on the till were no longer required.

Amazon has now opened a shop in London where there is no checkout at all. You walk in and walk out with whatever you want and it gets charged to an app on your phone. I accept that automation is the future and robots will increasingly take more and more of the jobs that humans used to do. Why this concerns me is that people need jobs to earn money and support their families and pay their bills. As a politician, I think about how big companies are making obscene amounts of money while taking opportunities away from the little people. I believe that there needs to be government regulation forcing companies to distribute their profits evenly.

When I was little in the 1990s, supermarkets used to have someone who scanned your items and another person who packed your bags. First, they took away all the people who used to pack your bags and now they have taken away the people who used to work on the tills!

Anyway, let me finish by telling you a little bit about me. I was first elected as a Councillor of Noel Park in 2018. I was then re-elected in 2022. We have an election every four years to elect local Councillors. I don’t know how many more elections I will run in, but you can probably google my name to find out. Do you still use the ‘google’ search engine? By the way, can you check if my blog is still live? It is I post stuff there about my politics and what I have been up to as a politician.

My parents live on Morley Avenue on the Noel Park estate. I used to live with them there before I got married. I now live in Tottenham near the Seven Sisters tube station. My wife is a doctor at North Middlesex Hospital. She does general surgery. I am a solicitor specialising in dispute resolution and charity law. We have a son who is 16. He is doing his GCSEs right now. Our daughter is 11. She is going to secondary school in September 2022, which is in three months’ time. We are all going on holiday to Dubai at the end of July 2022 (next month!). This will be our first holiday in three years. We had the worst pandemic in 100 years over the last two/three years which is why we could not travel.

June 2022 Councillor Report

Annual Council Meeting

On 23 May 2022, I attended full council AGM for the mayor making ceremony and the confirmation of the Cabinet and committee appointments. In the next municipal year, I will serve on the Housing and Regeneration Scrutiny Committee. I will also continue to serve as a trustee of Wood Green Urban District Charity.

Engagement with the Council of Asian People

Cllr Chandwani, Cllr Iyngkara and I had a very productive engagement session with committee members and staff at the Community Hub which is managed by the Council of Asian People (“CAP”), a registered charity. The Council is the freeholder of the premises. CAP have sought our assistance to secure a long lease from the Council which is currently affecting its ability to attract core funding. We also explored some of the Councillors doing our surgery at the premises of CAP.

Anti-social mopeds/motorcycles

During the last branch meeting, there was a lengthy discussion on the behaviour and conduct of Deliveroo/Uber Eats drivers on mopeds, motorbikes, cycles and other similar two-wheeled vehicles. They tend to be causing a great deal of ASB often riding on pavements, speeding above the speed limit and so on. I raised this matter with police officers responsible for the Noel Park ward.

PC Peter Green (079 2023 3785 / wrote to me to say that our local Town Centre Team (TCT) has been organising education and enforcement operations, under the banner of Operation CUBO. The latest operation was earlier in the year, with a vehicle seized and an individual arrested. Many of the motorcyclists were stopped and had their insurance details checked. The TCT continue to fine motorists and seize their vehicles if they are improperly insured (or if they have no insurance or driver’s licence at all).

The TCT Sergeant, Monika Malecka ( is planning another operation on the High Road soon. If you have any information about particular drivers, descriptions of them and their vehicles or, most importantly, vehicle registration numbers, please do contact the TCT about this and they can build an intelligence picture.

Turnpike Lane Strategy Group Meeting

I attended a Turnpike Lane strategy meeting chaired by Cllr Ahmet on 25 May 2022. There was very good feedback from representatives of Turnpike Lane traders with the progress that had been made so far. There was a pilot for the removal of 6pm-7pm restriction on parking on Turnpike Lane. The pilot was successful and extremely popular and the proposal is now to make it permanent. Many of the shop fronts have been decorated as part of the shutter gallery project with the artwork commissioned to local artists. You may be able to enjoy some of the work on display if you happen to go for a stroll on Turnpike Lane. There are improvement plans in the pipeline. I hope to provide more updates in the coming months.

Eat Wood Green

‘Eat Wood Green’ is a community growing space and garden which will be delivered on part of the upper level of Bury Road multi-story car park. The intention of the project is to increase green space in the town centre, enhance community links and create a range of opportunities for local people and businesses. Concerns have been raised by Page High residents that the Council had not engaged them properly on the ‘Eat Wood Green’ project and that it had been presented to them as a fait accompli. I raised the matter with the project manager, Anna Burton. She has assured me that the project was still in the very initial feasibility stage. Nothing has been agreed or designed. Any drawings or illustrations were made for the purpose of submitting the funding bid. Residents can contact Anna Burton on or 07532 275733 for more information about the project and how they can get involved in it.

My TikTok experience

I recently started posting videos on TikTok – it is currently the fastest growing social media platform. One of my videos which got nearly 2000 views was one I did on the campaign trail urging people to vote Labour. It triggered a lot of racist comments such as:

“Never vote Labour too many ethnic minority leaders”

“I will vote get you deported”

“No hope Labour voters are either idle bone fukers or foreign…”

This is standard for any BAME politician. Diane Abbott and Sadiq Khan get hundreds of thousands of hate filled racist comments every year. These comments just made me chuckle.

Anyway, my TikTok account is @khaledmoyeed – give me a follow if you are on the dark side!

May 2022 Councillor Report


On 11 May 2022, I signed my acceptance form with the CEO of Haringey Council, Andy Donald to be a Councillor for another four years. It is a privilege to be given an opportunity to serve the good people of Noel Park. Thank you to Noel Park residents for placing their trust in me. I join an excellent team of 50 Labour Councillors across Haringey. We have gained an extra eight Labour Councillors since the 2018 election. We have a progressive manifesto with ambitious plans to transform Haringey. The work begins now!


The turnout figures in Noel Park in the last four local elections are set out below.


2010 was the last time that there was a general election on the same day as the local election, which is why the turnout was high. Although the turnout figures in 2014 and 2018 remained fairly steady, there was a five percent drop this year. A key factor could be that we were just emerging from the worst pandemic for 100 years. Despite the lower turnout, vote share for Labour candidates went up by at least 5%. This means that Labour voters did turn out to vote. Other voters did not turn out. It is notable that the Green Party did not field any candidates in Noel Park this time.

Whatever the case may be, turnout of 27.34% is still quite low and is not good for a healthy democracy. We would like to derive our mandate from a larger number of the electorate turning out to elect their representatives. As a branch Labour Party, it is incumbent upon us to engage with residents and deal with any voter apathy.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank members of the Noel Park Labour Party for selecting me and helping with the election campaign. My fellow ward Councillors and I could not have delivered all those election addresses, eve of poll cards and leaflets without your assistance. The election result with an improved vote share for Labour was down to the team work of everyone in the Noel Park Labour Party family. 

While we hang up our boots for another four years as far as the local election is concerned, we will have the London Mayoral election and the general election in only two years’ time. We will have to keep Noel Park members motivated to ensure that Labour holds onto the London mayoralty and elects a Labour government. While Labour has shown in local government how it is protecting the most vulnerable residents from the effects of Tory austerity and the worst cost of living crisis in living memory, we also need a Labour government nationally to transform the country.


On 11 May 2022, the Labour Party and Councillors are unveiling a memorial tree for former Noel Park Councillor and anti-racist campaigner, Narendra Makanji. The location is outside Lucia’s Cafe on Wood Green High Rd, Corner of Gladstone Avenue


I continue to receive a considerable number of casework enquiries via my Council email and telephone which I always deal with promptly. As I reported previously, I did not see a reduction in my casework volume even when we were not doing face to face surgeries during the pandemic. People were able to reach me via email and telephone. This trend has continued as we are now emerging from the pandemic. This means that there is greater access for our residents to their elected representatives.


Residents can see me at the following times:

  • Second Saturday of each month at Wood Green Library from 10.30 to 11.30: no need for appointment 
  • Fourth Saturday of each month: roving surgery from 10.30 to 11.30 by prior appointment. 

Remembering the late Narendra Makanji

On 11 May 2022, Labour Councillors and members in Haringey planted a tree in memory of Narendra Makanji who sadly passed away three years ago. He was my predecessor as a longstanding Noel Park Councillor and my mentor. He gave me lots of good advice and endorsed me when I threw my hat in the ring to run as a Noel Park Councillor. He was a lifelong anti-racist campaigner and a key figure in the Labour Party’s Black Sections which paved the way for MPs and Councillors from ethnic minority backgrounds. He was a trailblazer. He is sorely missed in Haringey Labour Party. Hopefully, this tree will stand the test of time in memory of Narendra Makanji. Today was his 70th birthday.

It is official now!

I have signed my acceptance form with the CEO of Haringey Council, Andy Donald to be a Councillor for another four years. It is official now!

It is a privilege to be given an opportunity to serve the good people of Noel Park. Thank you to Noel Park residents for placing their trust in me.