Vote safely, vote from home!

Canvassing postal voters

On Saturday 24 April 2021, the sun was shining on Noel Park. At midday, I gathered with other Labour Party comrades outside Wood Green tube station to speak to postal voters. If there was ever a time to vote using a postal ballot, it would be now given that we are still in the middle of the global pandemic. Britain has already suffered immensely with two Covid waves. There is a third wave in parts of Europe. Voting from the comfort of your home is the safest way to cast your vote at the forthcoming London mayoral election.

My colleagues and I knocked on the doors of registered postal voters in the Noel Park ward. There was generally a very positive response. People were very glad to see us, which made for a nice change. Politicians can sometimes get a bad press and having the door slammed in your face is the worst of all reactions that you expect.

My fellow Noel Park Councillors, Emine Ibrahim and Peray Ahmet, Cllr Mat White, ward vice chair, Lotte Collett and I were joined by Catherine West MP as we managed to cover a fair bit of the Noel Park ward. The mayoral election is fast approaching of which not many people are even aware. Knocking on doors and alerting people to the election date is important. Equally important is countering all the negative campaigning that opposition parties are throwing at Sadiq Khan and the Labour Party.

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