Narendra Makanji held the door open for BAME politicians like me

fb_img_15553621287662422513792181072482.jpgfb_img_15553621169088491411816449840380.jpgNarendra’s pioneering work in the Black Sections is well documented. He continued to encourage and inspire BAME politicos until the very end.

In 2017, Narendra wrote a glowing endorsement to support my candidacy when I was seeking nomination to stand in Noel Park, which he had represented for 24 years. He gave me plenty of excellent advice and canvassed members ensuring that I was successful in securing nomination.

Throughout the election campaign in 2018, as these photos testify, he was always there to lend me a hand. He came to the campaign photo launch and gave me a hand in putting up garden stakes. He spent an entire afternoon with me taking me to another ex Noel Park Councillor, Martin Appadoo’s house where we put up about 10 garden stakes. It was strategically placed opposite a polling station and we had to drape it in Labour colours to send a subliminal message to voters as they were going into the polling station, Narendra explained.

Today, I am proud to represent Noel Park which was Narendra’s home and where he had served as a very popular local Councillor. Many a resident spoke to me with fondness about Narendra’s hard work. If I could achieve only half of what he had one, I would be extremely proud.

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