RIP Comrade Narendra Makanji

Rest in power comrade Narendra Makanji, my mentor, lifelong socialist and anti-racist campaigner and a Noel Park Councillor for 26 years. He passed away on 4 April 2019.

This was Narendra’s last message in Noel Park Labour Party WhatsApp group at 12.37 on the day that he passed away:

“With Ahmed and Buffy on the leadership platform, my old age is even safer!”

He was referring to two of our members, Ahmed Mahbub vying to be Vice President of NUS and our youth officer, Buffy Collette standing to be President of the Students’ Union at her college.

I will remember his good humour. And all the great advice he gave me.

He served Noel Park as a Labour Cllr from 1982 until 2006. When he was elected, he was one of a handful of BAME Cllrs in the country. He was a trailblazer.

At every recent local and general election, his house became the committee room including at the last local election in 2018.

I first met Narendra in 2010 when I became the chair of Noel Park Labour Party. I remember going to his house and he gave me a little pep talk about Labour Party in Noel Park.

He wrote a glowing endorsement for me to put in my leaflet when I was seeking selection in 2017.

He will be sorely missed. He was a life long socialist and firmly on the left wing traditions of our Party.

This symbolic photo was taken in the run up to the local election 2018 with Narendra, John Brennan and Alan Dobbie, former Noel Park Cllrs handing over the baton to the then prospective Noel Park Cllrs, Peray Ahmet, Emina Ibrahim and me.

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