My election as Labour Councillor of Noel Park, Haringey – 4 May 2018

Noel Park is considered to be a safe ward, but was not the case before 2010. That year, I was part of the team which helped to elect three Labour Councillors whereas there was only one previously. I also served as chair of Noel Park Branch Labour Party between 2010 and 2012. It is where I cut my teeth in grassroots politics. It is also where I have strong family connections. I used to live there with my parents and they continue to live there today.

It was a privilege to have been selected to represent the Labour Party as a candidate in the 2018 local elections. I ran an energetic election campaign speaking to residents in Noel Park along with my fellow candidates, Peray Ahmet and Emina Ibrahim.

The local elections count took place at Alexandra Palace on Friday 4 May 2018. I was mostly waiting around all day to find out the result. At around 5pm, it was announced that I had won along with my co-candidates. It is a huge honour to have the opportunity to serve residents in Noel Park.


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