My priorities for the Noel Park ward

Council Housing: Having grown up in council housing in a working class family, I will be committed to improving the welfare of council tenants in Noel Park. I will fight for innovative policies to increase council housing stock in the area.

Community Cohesion: Noel Park is a diverse ward and as a champion of community cohesion, I will work hard to ensure that disadvantaged sections of the community are not neglected such as what happened at Grenfell.

Environment: On average, poor air quality kills 10,000 people in London every year. If projected to Noel Park, that is 16 deaths in the ward that can be prevented. I will work on policies to improve the environment and the air quality in Noel Park.

Fly tipping: This has been a key concern for residents in Noel Park. I will get to work from day one to improve the cleanliness of the ward.

Regeneration: I am aware of the Wood Green Area Action Plan which threatens parts of the ward with demolition. I will only pursue policies that put local residents first.

Protecting services: More government cuts are planned for next year, but I will be committed to protecting services and jobs that affect local residents.

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