Endorsements to be Labour’s councillor candidate in Noel Park

On 15 November 2017, members of the Noel Park Labour Party shortlisted me as a potential Labour party candidate in the 2018 local election. I am honoured that 32 out of 44 members at the meeting shortlisted me. It would be my privilege to have the opportunity to represent this ward as a councillor.

I have been touched by many endorsements that I have had from various people. I hope that members will select me as their candidate at the selection meeting on Monday 20 November 2017. Below are some of the endorsements that I have had.

Narendra Makanji, Councillor of Noel Park (1982 – 2006):

I have known Khaled from 2007 when he came to live with his family in Morley Avenue, Noel Park. He went to Langham School (Park View School). His parents still live in Morley Avenue. I am glad that he is seeking nomination to represent the people in this area. 

He will be a fantastic councillor. He has the skills and the passion to do a great job. Khaled is an experienced lawyer and mediator and these skills will be a huge asset in his work as a councillor. He has good communication skills, both verbal and written. He also speaks various community languages. I am pleased to support his candidacy.

Dr Fiona English, Chair of Tottenham Green Branch Labour Party:

During his time as Chair and now Secretary of the Tottenham Green branch, Khaled has proved himself to be an extremely effective branch officer. His professionalism has enhanced the running of the branch and his tireless work in both local campaigning as well as administrative work demonstrates his commitment to the area as well as to the party more widely.

I have no doubt that Khaled would be an excellent councillor, one who would take his responsibilities seriously and who would work hard for the wellbeing of all his constituents.”

Liam McNulty, Chair of Noel Park Branch Labour Party:

Khaled is a great prospective council candidate, with strong links to Noel Park ward. His background in community activism, his experience in both Hornsey and Wood Green and Totthenham CLPs, and his understanding that solutions to our chronic housing crisis must put people before profit mean that he has my support.


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