My election as Secretary of Tottenham Green Branch Labour Party – 5 July 2017

I am a grassroots Labour member and have always been involved in the organisation of Party activities at ward and constituency level. I was elected chair of my ward (Tottenham Green) at the 2016 AGM and served in the role for a year during which time we had a Labour leadership contest and the general election in June 2017.

With a reinvigorated Party after an extraordinary election campaign, I sought a new challenge. I stepped down as chair and stood for the role of secretary. My ward members recognised the hard work and dedication with which I had carried out my duty as chair and duly elected me to the role of secretary. Below, I reflect on some of the activities I oversaw as chair of the ward.

I chaired five monthly ward meetings. Among the issues discussed were: Wards Corner Regeneration, youth crime (talk by Jack Duncton), Haringey Development Vehicle (Q&A with Cllr Alan Strickland).

I helped to organise campaigns locally for David Lammy’s re-election as MP and also contributed to campaigns beyond Tottenham. I went to campaign for Clive Lewis in Norwich South, Chris Williamson in Derby North and Tulip Siddiq in Hampstead and Kilburn to name but a few.

Throughout the year, I coordinated engagement with new members – vast majority of the ward’s members joined in the last two years since the rise of Jeremy Corbyn as leader of the Party. I organised a networking session for new members on 2 November 2017 and set up a WhatsApp group for new and old members to interact informally.

I also contributed to the following fundraising events putting vital funds into the coffers of Tottenham Constituency Labour Paty:

  • Tottenham CLP Christmas Party on 9 December 2016 raising £358 (thanks to Dr Fiona English, Vice Chair and Marta Gave, Treasurer)
  • The Snap Election Quiz on 5 May 2017 raising £411.

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