A-Z of Theresa May: more weak and wobbly than strong and stable!

At the start of this election campaign, Theresa May boasted repeatedly that she was “strong and stable”. Soon, she became a laughing stock, because she was anything but strong and stable. In this piece, I bring you A-Z descriptions of Theresa May.

She introduced the Dementia Tax. She is awful and appalling.

She likes foxhunting – killing foxes for fun. She is backward and barbaric.

She wants to take away universal winter fuel allowance which may lead to thousands of deaths annually.  She is cruel and callous.

She said that her Dementia Tax U-turn changed nothing. She is dishonest and deceitful.

Thousands of disabled people have died after DWP declared them fit for work, which she supported. She is evil and egregious.

She was too scared to debate Jeremy Corbyn head to head. She is feeble and failing.

Her support of NHS cuts led to 30,000 deaths. She is ghastly and grim.

She supported the bedroom tax. She is hateful and horrible.

She has overseen the worst Tory election campaign ever. She is inept and incompetent.

She has already alienated other EU partners with her silly posturing. She is juvenile and jeopardy.

She lied about opposition parties sabotaging Brexit. She is a “Liar Liar”.

She wants to take away infants’ lunches. She is mean and malicious.

She introduced the rape clause for mothers claiming benefits for a third child. She is nasty and nefarious.

She calls herself a “bloody difficult woman”. She is obnoxious and offensive.

Again and again, she does not answer questions put to her. She is pathetic and pitiful.

Nurses are having to use foodbanks under her watch. She is reprehensible and repulsive.

She puts her own career before anything else. She is selfish and self-serving.

She sought to exploit the recent terror attack by making policy announcements when campaigning was supposed to be suspended. She is terrible and two-faced.

She told lies about not calling a snap election but called a vanity election in the end. She is untrustworthy and untruthful.

Her government has denied disability benefits to 165,000 people. She is vicious and vile.

She is a U-turn queen who flip flops and collapses at the first sign of gunfire. She is weak and wobbly.

As home secretary, she sent “go home vans” in areas with high ethnic minority population. She is xenophobic and a zealot.

I have made the above into a YouTube video.

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