Regime change in Downing Street?

There appears to be two factions in the Conservative Party right now.

Rishi Sunak, Michael Gove and Dominic Cummings are on one side. They want to bring Boris Johnson down and effect a regime change. Cummings tweeted yesterday disappointed with the news of Sajid Javid’s appointment as the new Health Secretary ending his tweet with “#RegimeChange”:

“So Carrie appoints Saj! NB If I hadn’t tricked PM into firing Saj, we’d have had a HMT with useless SoS/spads, no furlough scheme, total chaos instead of JOINT 10/11 team which was a big success. Saj = bog standard = chasing headlines + failing = awful for NHS. Need #RegimeChange”.

Given Cummings’ recent successes in winning the Brexit referendum and an 80-seat majority for Boris Johnson, I would not put anything past him. He is capable of effecting that regime change.

As for the wider media, they do not want to get involved in the internal Tory party shenanigans. Hence, there is not much reporting of the scandals and corruption in the Boris Johnson government that Cummings is exposing. BBC is afraid that the government will want to privatise it like it is doing to Channel 4. For the moment, BBC does not want to fall out with the government either.

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