Islamophobia Awareness Event: 18 November 2018

November is Islamophobia Awareness Month (#IAM2018). I organised an Islamophobia awareness event at my local mosque, which had been the subject of four separate Islamophobic incidents in the past 18 months. A number of distinguished speakers shed light on this important topic.

Maz Saleem spoke about the impact of islamophobia on a Muslim family – her father was brutally murdered as he was walking home from the mosque

Mohammed Kozbar, the chair of Finsbury Park Mosque shared his experience of how the community responded to the islamophobic attack following the murder of Makram Ali outside Finsbury Park Mosque last year.

Ibrahim Khan, a solicitor at an international law firm and a superviser at Islamophobia Response Unit explained the gap in current legislation on incitement to religious hatred and how Islamophobic cases are dealt with at Islamophobia Response Unit.

Neil Jameson, founder of Citizens UK gave an insight into the intra-community work that is happening to challenge Islamophobia.

There was a presentation on Islamophobia from MEND which they recently gave at Google.

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