Vigil for victims of Pittsburgh Synagogue shooting

On 28 October 2018, I attended a vigil on Cable Street with Haringey Labour Party comrades to express solidarity with Jewish brothers and sisters in the wake of the terrorist attack on Pittsburgh Synagogue in the US.

Cable Street is a symbol for resistance against fascism and hatred towards Jews and other minorities. 82 years ago, people of the East End came together and stood shoulder to shoulder with the local Jewish community to resist the British Union of Fascists led by Oswald Mosley. The lessons of that resistance ring true today as we are faced with the same threat across the Western world. The far right and neo Nazi groups have a new found voice with Donald Trump in the White House.

The vigil was moving and poignant. A number of community activists and religious figures from the Jewish community spoke passionately about the need to stand united and not be divided by hatred.

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