Turnpike Lane Strategy Group Meeting – 20 September 2018

Turnpike Lane is where my family and I have been going for the best part of the last three decades for buying halal meat, Bangladeshi fish and other Asian groceries. It also has a range of Asian restaurants giving it a unique flavour in the locality. There isn’t quite another place like it in Haringey. A resident described it as Haringey’s own ‘Brick Lane’ with reference to the number of eateries serving up dishes from the Indian sub-continent.

I was recently made co-chair of a strategy group to look at improvements to Turnpike Lane as it has been neglected over the years. The place looks a little run down and businesses have a number of other concerns that affect their trade. It may be compared to what Green Lanes was like and how it has now been transformed into a top destination for Turkish and Kurdish cuisine.

Turnpike Lane is in my ward and being co-chair of the strategy group gives me a real opportunity to give much needed TLC to the area so that it can become a destination of choice for people. I was pleased that a large number of business owners on Turnpike Lane attended the inaugural meeting of the strategy group. They contributed with many excellent ideas. It is now up to me and my colleagues in the Council to deliver. Watch the space. There are exciting times ahead!

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