How Labour can win the 2017 general election

22 April 2017: I was out campaigning with my local MP, David Lammy for the upcoming general election. There is lots of energy and enthusiasm amongst my Labour comrades, because we have an opportunity to dump this awful Tory government on 8 June 2017.

Having said on multiple occasions that there would be no snap election, Theresa May called one as part of her cynical attempt to increase her majority because of her commanding lead in the so-called opinion polls. If opinion polls actually mattered, we should just declare Theresa May winner now and go home. There is only one poll that matters and that’s on the election day. There are still many weeks go and Labour can turn things around. Here is how:

1. We need to change the Tory narrative and turn this election into not just about Brexit, but about Tory failures on education, NHS, living standards, housing, public services, transport and so on.

2. We need to focus on the 34% of registered voters who did not vote at the last general election (often young people). It is staggering to think that only 24% of all registered voters voted for the Conservative Party. This means that more people did not vote than voted Tory.

3. We need to make maximum use of social media. In this election, social media will be more important than ever before. People are switching away from traditional media. We need to be the ‘media’ and use all our social media platforms to speak to voters.

4. We need to deploy Labour’s members to get out and fight for every vote. We are the largest political party in Europe with 500,000+ members. We are at a massive advantage compared to the other parties.

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